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        楔形彈性線夾wedge Stretchy Wire Clamp
        分類: 楔形彈力線夾  發布時間: 2015-03-05 
        楔形彈性線夾wedge Stretchy Wire Clamp



        Performance Characteristics

        楔形彈性線夾是一種非承力接續型電力金具,目前在我國電力行業中使用螺栓型,壓接型,接觸型線夾均存在著在交變的用電荷下,因金屬材料不同的熱脹冷縮特性,會造成線夾和電纜的接續性能隨時間載流量變化大小而改變,使其接觸電阻大,溫升高,接續性能明顯下降;若維護不及時,及易造成線路斷線事故。而楔形彈性線夾正是克服了以上線夾的缺點,能使電纜和線夾的接觸面產生恒定的壓力,使線夾在長期運行和過載惡劣情況下接觸電阻變化極小,始終能使電阻比率小于 1。

        The wedge-type stretchy wire clamp is a kind of thenon-force-bearing continuous electrical hardware.At present, widely used in the electrical sector in our county. the bolt-type ,pressing-type and contact-type wire clamps all have the problem that under the electrical load of the AC variable voltage, due to expansion shrinking property of the different metallic materials, the continuous performance of the wire clamp and cables will change due to the change of the load current as time goes by, so as to increase their contact resistance and temperature and obviously reduce the continuity performance , and if the maintenance is not prompt, it is easy to break the line

        to cause the accident. The wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp overcomes the shortcomings of the foresaid wire

        clamps,which enables the constant surface between the cable and the wire clamp to produce the constant

        pressure, and cause the very little change of the contact resistance of the wire clamp under the cirumstance of

        the long-term operation and the serious overload, and make the resistance ratio always smaller than 1.


        Basic Theory

        產品采用 C 形弓背式原理,即楔芯高速插入殼體內產生金屬彈性變形,使之與電纜保持了恒定持久的壓力,保證了在交變的用電負荷下,線夾與電纜保持著同“呼吸”作用。

        The product adopts the C-shape arch’s back theory,i.e.when inserted into the shell at high speed , the

        wedge core will produce the stretchy distortion of the meat, and enables it to keep the constant and long-

        lasting pressure with the cable, and ensures the wire clamp and the cable to keep the same “respiration”

        effects under the AC variable voltage.


        Basic Characteristics

        1. 楔形彈性線夾與電纜的接觸面大,夾緊力恒定,直流電阻比率一般達到 0.85-0.9 之間。

        The wedge-type stretchy wire clamp has big contact area with cable,with the constant clamping force, and

        the DC/resistance ratio usually between0.85-0.9.

        2. 最大的特點是楔芯與電纜在高速摩擦下,金屬分子產生了膠合而達到最為理想的接續效果。

        The biggest characteristic is that high-speed friction between the wedge core and the cable,the metal

        molecules are glued to reach the most ideal continuity results.


        The receding-prevention structure skillfully makes use of the plastic distortion of the metal, and with one

        connection, it will never drop off, which effectively ensures the safety of the line.

        4. 楔形彈性線夾,采用非磁性材料,無鋼制螺栓連接件,線路中無磁損,既能達到節能之效果。

        The wedge-type stretchy wire clamp adopts the non-magnetic material and has no steel bolt connection

        component, which will have no magnetic abrasion in the line, to fulfill the energy-saving results.

        5. 由于接觸電阻小,熱循環性能好,過載能力強,故能達到免檢修、零故障、長壽命、節能型。所以說,楔形彈性線夾是目前國內接觸性能最好、安全性能最佳、替代進口的新型節能產品。

        Due to the small contact resistance, the good hot-circulation performance and the outstanding overload

        capacity, it can be servicing-free, failure-free and have the long service life. Therefore,the wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp is the new energy-saving product with the best contact points, the best safety performance, and the alternative for imported products in China at present. 


        Naming of  Electric Meter Wire Clamp  

        注意:在選購楔型彈性線夾時請特別注明,所連接導線的型號、截面或導線外徑如(架空絕緣鋁絞線JKLY、鋁絞線 LJ、銅絞線 TJ、銅芯鋁絞線 LGJ)等。

        Remarks:When selecting the wedge-shape stretchy wire clamps,please specially indicate the models,setions

        or the extemal diameters of  the connection leads (Overhead insulated twisted aluminum lead JKLY,the

        twisted aluminum lead LJ,twisted copper lead TJ and steel-core twisted aluminum lead LGJ,etc).

        楔型彈性線夾絕緣罩 Insulation shield for wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp 


        Models And Technical Parameters

        楔形彈性線夾與 H 型線夾、并溝線夾的熱循環性能對比 ;

        Comparisons of the heat-circulation performance between between the wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp, the H-shape wire clamp and the parallel-wire clamp.


        The wedge-type stretchy wire clamp is a kind of the non-force-At present. due to the bolt-type (JB and abnormal-shape parallel-ditch) wire damps, the pressing wire clampswidely used for long time all have the physical phenomena like fatigue due to the expansion & shrinking, it causes the wires and continuity performance change due to the load as time goes by, which cannot reach the requirements by the

        operation parameters, and if they are not serviced or replaced promptly, they will cause the failure on the line.  in order to research and analyze the impacts to the overhead insulated cable by various types of wire damps, our company, specially compares the heat-circulation performance, temperature rise and resistance between the wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp produced by our company and the bolt-type (JB and abnormal-shape parallel-ditch) wire clamps, the H-type wire clamps made in China, and the testing results are as below.


        注意 :“8”處為循環至 65 次后,螺栓式并溝線夾電阻上升至 62uΩ,溫度 161 攝氏度。為保證實驗繼續進行,對其予以緊固,緊固后電阻降為 32uΩ,繼續實驗?!?4”處為循環至 94 次后,螺栓式并溝線夾電阻再次上升至50uΩ,溫度130攝氏度。為保證實驗繼續進行,對其再次予以緊固,緊固后電阻降為35uΩ,繼續實驗。

        Remarks:"8" is that after the circulation for 65 times. the resistance of the bolt-type parallel-ditch wire clamp rises t0 62u Ω. with the temperature for I 61°C. In order to ensure tocontinue the test, fasten it. and after fastened, the resistanceis reduced t0 32uΩ,and the test is continued. “14" is thatafter the circulation for 94 times, the resistance of the bolt-type parallel-ditch wire clamp rises to 50uΩ again, with the temperature for 130°C. In order to ensure to continue the test, the resistance is reduced t0 35uΩ , fasten it again.

        結論:從實驗數據中我們可以發現楔形彈性線夾在導電能力、表面溫度、電阻變化這三方面來講明顯優于其他 2 種產品。

        Conclusion: From the testing data, we can see that the wedge-shape stretchy wire clamp is obviously better

        than the other two products in terms of conductivity, surface temperature and resistance variation


        List for model selection of JEKB wedge-shape stretchy wire clamps

        鋁絞線(銅)對鋁絞線(銅)LJ(TJ)-LJ(TJ)鋼芯鋁絞線帶鋼芯鋁絞線(LGJ-LGJ)架空絕緣線對架空絕緣線(JKLY-JKLY)Twisted aluminum (copper) wire versus twisted aluminum (copper)wire, LJ(TJ)-LJ(TJ), twisted copper-core aluminum wireversus twisted steel-core  aluminum wire(LGJ-LGJ), and overhead insulated wire versus overhead insulated wire (JKLY-JKLY)


        List for model selection of JEKB wedge-shape stretchy wire clamps


        Installation Instructions

        l、首先根據要安裝的線夾的型號選擇相應的安裝工具:1# 和 2# 的 JEKB 楔形彈性線夾選用 JEKB-1 型液壓工具;3# 和 4#JEKB 楔形彈性線夾選用 JEKB-2 型液壓工具。安裝前檢查工具的各活動部位是否活動自如,油泵、卸載頂桿處是否有漏油現象。

        Choose the corresponding installation tools according to the type of wire clamp: choose JEKB-1 hydraulic

        power tool for 1# and 2# JEKB wedge stretchy wire clamp; choose JEKB-2 hydraulic power tool for 3#

        and 4#.  Before installation, please check if all parts of the tool can move smoothly, and if oil leaks out from

        oil pump or eject-rob.


        When installing, first use wire brush to wipe off the oxide layer on the surface of bare conductor wire,until the wire shows metallic luster (if the wire has insulating layer, remove the layer). Make adequate length for connection, and then smear antioxidant on the wire.

        3、將導線放入殼體 C 槽內,使楔塊線槽的大小與導線的粗細相對應,楔塊小端插入殼體內,用力向里推緊楔塊,推至標志線范圍,可用鐵錘輕敲楔塊,以暫時固定導線。

        Put the wire into slot C of the shell, and make sure the width of slot fits the width of wire. Thrust the smaller end of the wedge and push it to the symbol line. If necessary,knock the wedge with a hammer to immobilize the wire.

        4、將線夾平放在安裝工具的夾頭上,殼體背部向上,楔形彈性線夾的小端與夾頭的的頂尖相對,大端與活塞相對如圖1,確認無誤后,將卸載螺桿按順時針擰緊,用手扳動活動手柄上下往復運動,使活塞前進,將楔塊頂入線夾內,直至楔塊的大端與殼體大端想平齊如圖 2。由于楔塊小端與夾頭前部的尖頭相碰,楔塊會產生凸起變形,造成楔塊自然鎖住殼體的狀態,使兩者無法脫離。

        Locate the clamp on the chunk of installation tool.Make the back of the shell points upward. The smaller end of wedge points to the top of chunk, and the bigger end points to the piston, like picture 1. After confirmed, clockwise screw up the uninstallation screw, pull the handle up and down to push the piston forward. Thrust the wedge into the clamp until the bigger end of wedge is parallel to the bigger end of the shell, shown in picture 2. Since the smaller end wedge bumps into the sharp edge of the chunk, the wedge will bulge up and deform, and the wedge locks the shell, making them undividable.


        Anticlockwise loosen the uninstallation screw. The piston turns back into initial position.


        Put the hydraulic power tool down. Put on the insulation cover if it is an insulating wire. The installation is done.

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