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          絕緣穿刺線夾 Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp
          分類: 絕緣穿刺線夾  發布時間: 2015-03-04 
          絕緣穿刺線夾 Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp



          Performance Characteristics

          絕緣穿刺線夾主要適用于架空絕緣導線的接續、分支連接和接地保護,適用電壓等級為 10kV 及以下,其主要性能和特點:

          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp is mainly used for branch connection and ground protection of overhead insulated cable. It is applicable to voltage level no higher than 10kV.


          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp is easy to install. It uses a blade to puncture the insulated layer of the cable into

          the conductor, thus eliminating the need to peel off the insulated layer when installing. Simply place the main

          and branch lines into certain locations and then use a wrench to twist off the torque nut.


          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp has a long life. The wire clamp deals little damage to the wire when installing, the structure of the wire is still intact so that the conductor will not be exposed to oxidation or corrosion; thus the longevity of the insulated wire is not affected. Moreover, the raw materials are all imported or the best domestic selection, they are strong and does not wear, thus the longevity of the wire clamp is much greater than overhead insulated cables.


          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp has little contact resistance and low temperature increase. The specially made moment bolt guarantees constant puncture pressure which enables to wire clamp to have a good electric contact without excessive conductor damage. The moment bolt also simplifies the installation process, with the contact chain rings made from copper with silvering, the conductivity of the wire clamp is excellent.


          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp has a sealed structure with great insulation. The internal part of the wire clamp is filled with insulating heat-conductive grease, which seals the wire clamp and improves the insulation and safety of the wire clamp, ensuring smooth operation and endurance in adverse environment.


          Insulated Piercing Wire clamp does not need maintenance. The locking device of the wire clamp has a disc shape gasket, which is made from strong spring copper. Energy is store by deformation during installation and can be released to compensated for thermal expansion and contraction. The contact chain rings apply a constant pressure onto the conductor, ensuring sufficient electrical contact area.


          渡連接。Insulated Piercing Wire clamp has a wide range ofusage. It is applicable to branch connection of copper

          and aluminum conductor, hetero-diametric conductorand iso-diametric conductor. It is also applicable to

          transition branch connection of copper and aluminum insulated cable.


          The Key Performance Indicators Of Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp

          1.直流電阻≤等長被接續導線電阻的 1.1 倍。DC resistance≤1.1times the resistance of connected cable with equal length.

          2.溫升≤被接續導線的溫升。Temperature increase≤the temperature increase of the connected cable.

          3.耐壓:Voltage endurance: 

          (1)1kV及以下等級的線夾耐壓強度不低于3.5kV/1min;endurance of voltage level no higher than 1kV is no lower than 3.5kV/min.

          (2)10kV 等級的線夾耐壓強度不低于 18kV/1min;endurance of voltage level reaching 10kV is no lower

          than 18kV/min.

          4.載流量≥被接續導線的額定載流量。Current capacity≥the rated current capacity of the connected cable.

          5.握力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 10%。Grip≥10% of the tensile strength of the connected cable.

          6.  拉斷力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 95%。Tensile strength≥95% of the theoretical tensile strength of the connected cable.


          Naming Of  Electric Meter Wire Clamp  



          Naming of Insulated Piercing Wire clamp

          Because whether Insulated Piercing Wire clamp is "Cable accessories" or "Electrical Fitting" is still under debate, the naming of Insulated Piercing Wire clamp has yet to be unified, such as the early "JBC" "JC" or the recent "JJC". Imported Insulated Piercing Wire clamp is usually numbered by corporations.

          2.絕緣穿刺接地線夾命名方式為:Naming of Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp


          Type JCKB Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (1kV)

          適用于 1kV 及以下架空絕緣導線的支接和接續,如下圖為JCKB型絕緣穿刺線夾(1kV)的結構示意圖,如下表為JCKB型絕緣穿刺線夾(1kV)主要技術參數。

          Applicable to overhead insulated cable no higher than1kV, structure of Type JCKB Insulated Piercing Wire

          clamp (1kV) is seen in picture, the major parameters of Type JCKB Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (1kV) is

          seen in table .


          Type JCKB10 Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (10kV)

          適用于 10kV 架空絕緣導線的支接和接續,如下圖為 JCKB10 型絕緣穿刺線夾(10kV)的結構示意圖,如下表為 JCKB10 型絕緣穿刺線夾(10kV)主要技術參數。

                Applicable to overhead insulated cable no higher

          than 10kV, structure of Type JCKB10 Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) is seen in picture, the major parameters of Type JCKB10 Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) is seen in table .


          Type JCSKB Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (1kV)

          適用于 1kV 及以下的導線與三芯或四芯絕緣電纜的分支連接和截面扇型角為90°~120°的絕緣電纜,如下圖為JCSKB異型絕緣穿刺線夾(1kV)的結構示意圖,如下表為 JCSKB 異型絕緣穿刺線夾(1kV)主要技術參數。

          Applicable to connecting wires of voltage no higher

          than 1kV with overhead insulated cables of three or four cores or overhead insulated cables of a 90 to 120

          degrees fan-shaped cross-section. Structure of Type JCSKB Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (1kV) is seen in

          picture, the major parameters of Type JCSKB Insulated 


          Type JDKB Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (1kV)

          適用于 1kV 及以下架空絕緣導線接地保護,如下圖為JDKB型絕緣穿刺接地線夾(1kV)的結構示意圖,如下表為 JDKB 型絕緣穿刺接地線夾(1kV)主要技術參數。

          Applicable to grounding overhead insulated cableno higher than 1kV, structure of JDKB Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (1kV) is seen in picture, the major parameters of JDKB Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (1kV) is seen in table.


          Type JDKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (10kV)

          適用于10kV架空絕緣導線接地保護,如下圖為JDKB10 型絕緣穿刺接地線夾(10kV)的結構示意圖,如下表為 JDKB10 型絕緣穿刺接地線夾(10kV)主要技術參數。

          Applicable to grounding overhead insulated cable no higher than 10kV, structure of JDKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) is seen in picture, the major parameters of JDKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) is seen in table.


          Type JDCKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire Clamp (10kV)(DistributionTransformer)

          適用于 10kV 配變線路接地保護,如下圖為 JDCKB10型絕緣穿刺接地線夾(10kV)(配變)的結構示意圖,如下表為 JDCKB10 型穿刺接地線夾(10kV)(配變)主要技術參數。

          Applicable to grounding overhead insulated cable no higher than 10kV, structure of JDCKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) (Distribution Transformer) is seen in picture, the major parameters of JDCKB10 Grounded Insulated Piercing Wire clamp (10kV) (Distribution Transformer) is seen in table.


          Installation Instructions


          Insulated Piercing Gounded anit-Lightening Wire Clamp


          The Key Performance Indicators OfInsulted Piercing Wire Clamp

          絕緣導線防雷驗電接地線夾是為防止 10kV 架空絕緣導線遭雷擊斷線而研制開發的新型產品。本產品是集防雷、驗電、接地三位一體的多功能架空絕緣線路防護金具;而且安裝不用剝除絕緣導線,也不需要更換原有的絕緣子及橫擔,僅加裝本產品既可。安裝方便快捷,大大提高現場工作效率。本產品經武漢高壓研究院,上海電氣輸配電試驗中心檢測,試驗通過。

          Type aerial insulation conductor anti-lightening and power acceptance earthing clamp is the new type product researched and developed for preventing 10kV aerial insulation conductor from line breaking when lightening happens.The product is the multi-functional protection hardware fittings with aerial insulation line and it integrates three functions of anti-lightening,power acceptance and earthing;moreover,the stripping of insulation

          conductor is not necessary during installation and the original insulator and cross arm will not be changed,and the product is the only thing that shall be installed.The installation is convenient and rapid,which enhance the working efficiency greatly. The product passes the test and experiment of  Wuhan High Voltage Research Institute.

          本產品特點及基礎原理是將該產品安裝在架空絕緣導線遭雷擊閃絡的多發部位,(理論研究及實踐證明此多發部位經常是在電桿上導線的某固定部位),當雷電過電壓超過一定數量值,會在防雷線夾的高壓電極和低壓電極之間的空氣間隙中閃絡,形成短路通道。接續的工頻短路電流電弧的弧根固定在放電環上燃燒,從而保護架空絕緣導線的熔化斷線。The feature and basic principle of the product is to install the product in the part where lighting flashover

          occurs to the aerial insulation conductor easily,(the theoretical research and practice prove that such part

          is often shown as a certain part of the conductor on the pole).When the overvoltage of the lightening surpasses a certain value,flashover will be formed in the air gap between the high voltage electrode and low voltage electrode of the anti-lightening hardware fittings.The arc root of the continued power frequency short-circuit current will be fixed to the discharge to burn in order to protect the aerial insulation conduct from melting and line breaking.


          Naming of  Electric Meter Wire clamp  


          Scope Of Application 

          適用于 10kV 架空絕緣電纜防雷驗電接地保護

          Suitable for the anti-lightening and power acceptance earthing protection of 10kV aerial insulation cable 


          Models And Technical Parameters


          Structure And Size Of Product

          絕緣防雷驗電接地線夾由高壓穿刺線夾、絕緣放電環、接地極三部分組成。Type aerial insulation and anti-lightening and power acceptance earthing clamp is constituted by three parts,namely,high voltage puncture clamp,insulation discharge ring and earthing electrode.


          Installation Instructions

          鐵橫擔安裝方法及要求Model and technical parameters根據絕緣導線的標稱截面選擇對應型號的防雷線夾。本防雷線夾適用于單向供 路,產品安裝在絕緣子的負荷側(背離電源側)。如圖一所示,將穿刺高壓電極安裝在絕緣導線上,與導線接觸;接地電極安裝于橫擔底部的角鐵上,與接地系統相連。

          選用型號參數及外形尺寸按表一高壓電極與絕緣子中心距 (L) 及接地電極距離(S)尺寸安裝


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