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        C型變壓器線夾C-Shape Transformer Wire Clamp
        分類: C型變壓器線夾  發布時間: 2015-03-04 
        C型變壓器線夾C-Shape Transformer Wire Clamp



        Performance Characteristics

        C 型變壓器線夾屬于非承力接續金具,適用于架空電纜與變壓器的連接。C-shape Transformer Wire clamp is a non-load-bearing continual fitting and is suitable for connecting overhead cables and transformers.

        1.C 型變壓器線夾主體采用高強度鋁合金制造,導電性能優良,高彈性。并根據不同規格的導線,設計有特定形狀的導線溝槽或相應的鉸接楔塊,即使在導線熱脹冷縮時,亦能始終保持導線與線夾間持久而恒定的接觸壓力。The body of C-shape Transformer Wire clamp is made from aluminum alloy of high tensile strength. C-shape Transformer Wire clamp has excellent conductivity and is highly elastic. The wire clamps have cable trenches of matching shapes or specific hinged wedges according to different specifications of cables, which allows the constant pressure to be maintained between the wire clamps and the cables.

        2. 過載能力強,溫升低,由于線夾對導線形成穩定的壓力負荷,且涂有抗腐蝕、抗氧化、憎水性的導電性能很強的電力復合脂,確保了優良的導電性能,熱循環性能滿足國標 GB/T 2314.3 電力金具試驗方法的要求。Because a constant pressure load is maintained between the wire clamps and the cables, the C-shape Transformer Wire clamps can greatly withstand overload as well as changes in temperature. Moreover,the anticorrosive, antioxidant, hydrophobic electric power compound grease ensures excellent conductivity. The thermal cycling property of the wire clamps also matches the international GB/T 2314.3 standard of general technical requirements for electric power fittings.

        3. 安裝簡便,普通工具即可安裝,選型方便。C-shape Transformer Wire clamps can be easilyinstalled by using simple tools. It is convenient to select the specific models.

        4. 節能環保,線夾材質采用高強度鋁合金和不銹鋼制造,無磁滯損耗,抗腐蝕、氧化,壽命持久。C-shape Transformer Wire clamps made by the aluminum alloy of high tensile strength and stainless steel material are environmentally friendly, without hysteresis loss, corrosion, or oxidation, but with durable service life.

        5. 絕緣外罩使用國內先進新材料和配方,阻燃,抗紫外線,耐候性好。Its insulated exterior using advanced material and composition is fire-proof, anti-UV rays and resistance of weather changes.

        C 型變壓器線夾的主要技術性能指標

        The Key Performance Indicators OfC-Shape Transformer Wire Clamp

        1.直流電阻≤等長被接續導線電阻的 1.1 倍。DC resistance≤1.1times the resistance of connected cable with equal length.

        2.溫升≤被接續導線的溫升。Temperature increase≤the temperature increase of the connected cable.

        3.載流量≥被接續導線的額定載流量。Current capacity≥the rated current capacity of the connected cable.

        4.握力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 10%。Grip≥10% of the tensile strength of the connected cable.

        5.  拉斷力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 95%。Tensile strength≥95% of the theoretical tensile strength of the connected cable.


        Naming Of  Electric Meter Wire Clamp  


        Models And Technical Parameters


        Installation Instructions

        C 型變壓器線夾為非承力型電力連接金具,不能用作承力金具;只能使用于變壓器與導線的電性能連接。任何電壓等級均可使用,只要導線截面適合安裝范圍,對于架空絕緣電纜,在安裝 C 型變壓器線夾的位置應剝除絕緣層。

        C-shape Transformer Wire clamp is a non-load-bearingelectrical connection fitting and cannot be used to

        bear load, it can only be use to connect transformers and cables. As long as the size of the cable is within

        range, the wire clamp can be installed to any level of voltage. For overhead insulated cables, the insulated

        layer of the cable should be peeled off on the installing position.

        1. 確定型號:按被接續的變壓器螺桿規格和分支線截面規格選出對應的線夾型號;Decide the model: decide the model of wire clamp to use according to the specification of the transformer and the section of main line/ branch line of the cable to be connected.

        2.把線夾擰入變壓器的螺桿,直至螺桿穿過整個C塊,再擰松C塊中的螺栓,把鉸接塊拿出,使其成拱狀(兩拱塊轉成一定角度);Screw the wire clamp onto the screw of the transformer until the screw is through the C-shape block of the wire clamp, then loosen the bolt on the C-shape block and take out the hinged block to make it form an arch (Two arch into a certain Angle).

        3.安裝:把導線扣入“C”線形槽中,根據分支線放入成拱型的位于鉸接塊頂部的中間位,裝上螺栓及平墊、螺母,先用手擰緊后再用扳手擰緊螺栓;Installation: put the cable into the C-shaped trench and place the branch line in the middle of the arch-shape hinged block. Install the bolt,  flat pad and then screw the nut by hand and screw the bolt tight with a wrench. 

        4. 螺栓擰至明顯受力感,導線與“C”塊及鉸接塊緊密接觸,“C”塊背部并有微微變形即完成分支線安裝。When the bolt is screwed tight, the cable, the C-shape block and the hinged block are tightly connected. The installation is complete when slight deformation can be observed on the back of the C-shaped block.

        5. 在完成安裝后,應加蓋線夾絕緣罩。After installation is completed, an insulated cap should be added onto the wire clamp.


        Uninstallation: loosen the bolt on the C-shape block,insert a flathead screwdriver between the C-shape block and the hinged block, use force to move the hinged block upward to detach the wire and the wire clamp.

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