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        電表線夾 Electric Meter Wire Clamp
        分類: 電表線夾  發布時間: 2015-03-04 
        電表線夾 Electric Meter Wire Clamp



        Performance Characteristics

        電表線夾適用于電纜與電表箱的“T”型分支接續,適合各種運行環境,體積小、運行安全可靠,電性能優越,適用電壓1kV及以下,適用主線16-300mm2,分支線 4-50mm2。

        Electric Meter Wire clamp is used to connect the T-shape branches between cables and the meter box.Due to its small size, excellent conductivity and reliable performance, the wire clamp is suitable underall sorts of environment. It is suitable for voltage lower than 1kV, main cables with section between 16 to300mm2 and branch cables with section between 4 to50mm2

        1. 電氣連接采用鉸接和自鎖功能,是產品完美結合,還大大減輕了勞動強度,在安裝和拆卸時都不會損傷導線的導體,能重復使用,與導線等同壽命。

        Electrical connection has articulate and self-lockingfunctions, which perfectly fits this product. The wireclamp also greatly alleviates the intensity of wear, itwill also not damage the cables during installation anduninstallation. The wire clamp can be repetitively used and have equal longevity as the cable.


        The body of Electric Meter Wire clamp is made from aluminum alloy of high tensile strength, high elasticity and high conductivity. Its unique design allows it to have high tensile strength and great elasticity. It can maintain sufficient contact between the wire clamp and cable under all sorts of adverse environment,which enhances stability and eliminates the need for maintenance.

        3.絕緣外罩使用國內先進新材料和配方,阻燃,抗紫外線,耐候性好。The insulated exterior of the Electric Meter Wire clamps uses advanced materials and composition and is fire-proof, anti-UV rays and can withstand weather


        4.電阻小,溫升低,熱循環性能滿足國標GB/T2314.3 電力金具試驗方法的要求。

        The Wire clamps have low resistance and can greatly withstand changes in temperature. The thermal cycling property of the wire clamps also matches the international GB/T 2314.3 standard of general technical requirements for electric power fittings.


        The aluminum alloy of high tensile strength and stainless steel materials the wire clamps are made deters hysteresis loss, corrosion as well as oxidation,resulting in long life of the wire clamps.


        The Wire clamps can be installed on insulted cables with ease and is highly efficient.


        The Key Performance IndieatorsOf  Electric Meter Wire Clamp

        1.直流電阻≤等長被接續導線電阻的 1.1 倍。

        DC resistance≤1.1times the resistance of a stretch of isomeric connected cable.


        Temperature increase≤the temperature increase of the connected cable.

        3.耐壓:線夾耐壓強度不低于 3.5kV/1min;

        Voltage endurance: the voltage endurances of the wire clamp is no lower than 3.5kV/min.


        Current capacity≥the rated current capacity of the connected cable.

        5.握力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 10%。

        Grip≥10% of the tensile strength of the connected cable.

        6.  拉斷力≥被接續導線計算拉斷力的 95%。

        Tensile strength≥95% of the theoretical tensile strength of the connected cable.


        Naming Of  Electric Meter Wire Clamp  


        Models And Technical Parameters


        Installation Instructions


        Decide the model



        decide the model in accordance to the specification ofthe main and branch cables.



        穿戴好必要的安全防護工具,剝主導線的絕緣層,剝開寬度應略大于電表線夾寬度,長度不超過電表線夾寬度 10mm 為宜,再剝分支導線端部的絕緣層,剝開長度為 25 ~ 30mm;

        wear necessary protective gear. Peel off the insulatedlayer of the main cable, the width peeled off should be slightly greater than the width of the wire clamp but should not exceed the width of the wire clamp by 10mm. Then, peel 25 to 30 mm off the insulated layerof the branch cable.




        loosen the screw nut of the wire clamp to maximum, first place in the peeled main cable, then place the branchcable according to the signs. Screw the screw nut until the wire clamp and cable are tightly connected.


        Installation of insulated cap


        Open the insulated cap and place onto the wire clamp then shut the cap. Stuff the used opening using theplug on the insulated cap.


        Led protection

        用萬用表檢測或通電運行確認無故障后,在絕緣罩的下端 2 個小孔處安裝鉛封,用以防止任意打開或私接


        After determining the device is operating smoothly,install led seals in the 2 holes beneath the insulated cap to prevent accidental opening of the cap or wire attachment.

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